Evening Sonata 14" X 40"
Memories of Italy - Spring - 36x48
Memories of my Mountains 14" X 40"
Memories of Tuscany - Fall - 36x48
Shimmering Lake 20" X 20"
SOLD - California Dreaming - I - 22x28
SOLD - California Dreaming - II - 22x28
SOLD - Dreaming of Summer - 30x30
Take me to the Ocean 24" X 24"
Tranquility 20" X 20"
Tropical Fantasy - 24x30
SOLD - Modern Man 20x020- Mixed Media
Waterfall 20x20 Mixed Media
SOLD - Take me to the Lake - 24x24 - Mixed Media
Split Personalty - 30x36 - Mixed Media
Enchanted Eevening - 20x28 - Mixed Media
SOLD - Mystery Woman - 18 x 18 - Mixed Media
Moonlight Serenade - 24x24 - Mixed Media

Anke Richert-Korioth

“My paintings stand witness to the curious journeys in my head, like journals of vistas to which only I am privy.”

Born and raised in Germany Anke moved to the United States in 1979, where she received a degree in Interior Design and Art. After 9/11 she returned to her dream of painting fulltime.  Her vast collection of personal photographs became the resource for her paintings.

Many of these photographs find their way on to the canvas. She discovered that using media like modeling paste, foil, paper, acrylic paint and canvas overlay. enable her paintings to turn into optical illusions on many different levels.

“This metaphor guides my work through ideas of concealment and revelation. The resulting appearance of the image creates tension and narrative. Sometimes I use bits of collage pieces, remnants of older original paintings and surface marks that are rather suggestive than explained.”

“I try to convey the essence of a place through color, form and texture. I try to add a touchable authenticity to my work”.

“I completely paint from my imagination. Except guided by a photographic image I approach a painting without pre-conceived ideas about the finished product. I’ll let my intuition guide the brush, using a blend of abstractions and realistic photographic elements, attempting both a mental and physical environment.  I am continually challenging myself with new ideas and materials.”

“For me, painting is an experience in liberation, the chance to express myself through a language free of pressure. Even though my work is very personal, every individual can easily find something of themselves.”

 I want my work to reflect a moment in time, to tell a story, to give pause for contemplation.”

Anke’s work can be found in many private and corporate collections in the US and abroad.