Abstract Exterior
Chain #1
Chain #2
Fall Colors
Fall In Blue & Orange
Morning Mist
SOLD - The Woods
Winter Woods

Brad Spawr

Ever since his first Black & White photography class at Millikin University in the early 1990’s, Brad has been passionate about photography.   “Photography is my creative outlet.  It allows me to capture my vision at a moment in time.”  Brad’s work covers a wide range of subjects: landscapes, sports, portraits, and wildlife; but what differentiates his images is his unique take on natural surroundings.  “I try to see everyday subjects from a different perspective.  Sometimes it may be a reflection in the water that gives an image a surreal quality.  Other times it may be a certain texture, combination of colors or lighting that can catch my eye.  My goal is to drawl the viewer in and let them experience the vision and purpose that I had for capturing the photo.” 

Brad currently resides in Valley Park, MO with his wife Susan, daughter Katie, son Braden, and their dog Maverick.