Glass Noemi
Mother and Daughter
Noemi Marble

Clay Williams

Clay Williams sees the human figure not only as something that is physical, but also something that is very spiritual and beautiful. By creating the pieces representing the beauty of the human figure, Williams’ is showing his  love and appreciation for human life and spirit each which has been created individually and is God given.

The various techniques that Clay Williams has chosen to render the human form reflects the many layers of the body itself. Although the finished figure that is completed may seem concrete and whole, the process used comes from utilizing the various media and materials at Williams’ disposal. Whether using plaster, resin, plastic, wood metal or other materials, the process follows similar steps, but in the end is as individual as we are in ourselves.

The human figure will always be a subject that Clay Williams’ studies with passion, creating pieces that will honor not only the model and the form, but Gods wonderful creation.