Chi Force
New York Funk - 26 X 36 - Acrylic & Collage on Birdnest Paper
No Distractions
Peace BE Still.- 40 X 60 - Acrylic & Collage on Canvas
Pecan Delight - 12X12 - Acrylic & Collage on Paper
Seahorse Dancing in the Midst of the Funk - 26 X 36 - Acrylic & Collage on Birdnest Paper
Stange Dance 1 - 26 X 36 - Acrylic & Collage on Birdnest Paper
The Mantis Storms - 26 X 30 - Acrylic & Collage on Birdnest Paper
Twisted Love
Twisted Love - 28 X 36 - Acrylic & Collage on Canvas
Yin & Yang Remixed

Curtis Grayson, III

As an artist as tend to utilize bold and bright and brilliant colors. I enjoy developing my contemporary abstract expressionism. The work that you will view is a complex visual language and a demonstration of principles being utilized of expressive line, color, movement, rhythm, flow, manipulation of negative and positive space as well as tremendous understanding of design. Choice of different fabric are used to create collage which shows use of rhythmic type of form to create movement throughout the entire piece constantly flowing of energy push me pulling creating organic shapes utilizing patterns stripes polka dots fast different African fabrics to create a visual language these works have been constructed throughout the entire with my abstracts just playing with color working with various different materials. Testing the elements to higher level hopefully creation of the texture while it attracts the viewer to become compelled to touch them. There is no sketch or designated plan of action when these painting are done everything is generally organic. These works are examples of showing continuous energy and movements flowing throughout the paintings.

My passion is usually felt through a lot of my works only with the positive energy that's being placed. Each painting is only created when my mind and heart is at peace. There is a continuous description of the work it is like a dance a visual stimulation of a dance that is showing continuous movement a realm of Infinity what we call in the martial arts NKESE which stems from a Congolese Cosmetology a type of flowing energy that derives from a blocking and a striking in a circular movement pretty much like the Infinity where there is no start and there is no beginning what we are using while exploring in this body of work or the central realm of images without figures to represent time in space fields of energy strong use a bold and bright colors testing a vibrant palette with the use of materials instead of paint the acrylic paint is use more or less as a way of highlighting certain areas or accenting certain features pretty much almost like either in jazz we would say either downbeats or the spacing between the beats which creates another language it is my purpose as the artist to show in demonstrate a series seriousness determination while working mine interrupted through a variety of distractions physical and emotional along with other forms of distractions by understanding my understanding how to block out to remain in focus to remain creative was a challenge in itself part of the learning curve the learning practice.