21st Century Depression Series- First Wave, 2008 - Acrylic on Canvas
Burka Girl 3
Bush's Constitional
Atomic Beach Blast - Acrylic - 34x22
Connie The Clown
The New Average American2
Under the Veneer
Shock & Dismay - Acrylic -32x21

David Upthegrove

David Upthegrove specializes using acrylic paint and graphite on unprimed canvas.The greatest inspiration fueling my work are  observations of the socioeconomic and political/ military industrial complex's influence on  the individual and how the multi-national financial and corporate entities shape and control public opinion.

While influenced  by various figures and movements in art history,my work shows a distinctive voice.Stately modern, my art incorporates techiniques and imagery ranging from iconic to powerfully contemporary. I believe ,"not coming from a traditional education in art has in itself, for me, facilitated a unique style and perspective.

The medium of choice is acrylic paint and graphite on un-primed canvas. The versatile use of space and color is heavily inspired by the artistic and cultural landscape of my native home, South Florida. Passionate use of light and shapes work together to create pieces that are well studied reflections of the many ways in which I interpert life, in an increasingly complex world. Hopefully exposing the true nature of the world around us.