150 - Mixed Media - 24 x18
Ancestry - Mixed Media - 24 x 18
Avaricous - Mixed Media - 18 x 24
Blue Skies - Mixed Media - 24 x 24
Candy Land - Mixed Media -16 x 12
Connection - Mixed Media - 24 x 28
Family Wall - Oil on Canvas - 48 x 36
Here and Nu - Mixed Media - 24 x 18
New York, New York - Mixed Media - 24 x 30
New York Music - Mixed Media - 48 x 36
Performance - Mixed Media - 20 x 20
Proem - Mixed Media - 12 x12
The New Colossus - Oil on Canvas - 24 x 30
Tower - Mixed Media - 40 x 24
View - Mixed Media - 48 x 30
Waves - Mixed Media - 20 x 16

Diana Leviton Gondek

Diana majored in Fine Arts and went on to become Art Director at Northwestern University. Diana is back to Fine Art. She is well established in the Chicago art scene with numerous group shows, solo shows, gallery representations and multiple publications including two book covers. CBS News also done several special segments on her and her art. She also has work in the permanent collection at the Chicago History Museum.

She has designed and painted public art pieces owned by United States Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel and Chicago dignitaries. Diana was commissioned, by Special Olympics, to create a painting to be used nationally and internationally to promote their 50th Anniversary. The painting is now owned by Timothy Shriver in DC. Most recently she co chaired an art exhibition at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art for Special Olympics.

Outside of the US, Diana has sold artwork in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. She was also part of art fair exhibitions in Busan Korea, New York, New York, London and the Hamptons, New York and Art Basel Miami for the last four years. 


Art is created in stories. Stories are created in art. My paintings have their foundation in stories of my life told in bold, engaging one act canvas. How each tale is received and the meaning conveyed is left to those experiencing my work.

Years of water color influence have welcomed new freedoms created by the addition of thin layers of oil and mixed media - as all of our life stories are ingrained with many layers. Original. Individual. Unique. Our past and where we may go.