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Donna Bliss

"My art practice is a natural outgrowth of being at the center and surrounded by creative talent. There is so much beauty in the world around us. To me a piece of bark on the ground, a rusted nail in the parking lot…all have the potential to be in one of my pieces. My vision as an artist is to find that beauty in unexpected places. ”

Donna Bliss was born outside of Chicago and feels, “Art has influenced by life since I was quite young, receiving my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and was fortunate to have an honorable mention in the Senior Fellowship Project.” Since graduating from SAIC her life has been evenly split between building a career as an event planner and continuing to create art. As part of the Zhou B team she found inspiration in being surrounded by artists, especially the world famous Zhou Brothers, and was in several shows at the Zhou B Art Center, including a solo show at ACS Gallery on the 3rd floor.

Her path as an event planner brought her to the Zhou B Art Center where as the Event Director, substantially increasing event revenue. In May of 2014 she was honored to be named the Vice President Creative Development to build the Zhou B brand and gain exposure for the Zhou Brothers.

As a textile and fiber major at the Art Institute of Chicago she learned to work with many mediums such as soft sculpture, print making, drawing, fashion and painting. Her work now incorporates many of those mediums and marries that with her attachment to the material around her.

Her current artistic outlook, ”My work reflects what is going on in my life at different stages, as a woman that is always a major part of my perspective. The two major forces of conflict, the coronavirus pandemic and the national racial tensions are tearing apart this country. My recent work expresses the necessary process of fighting those enemies together, grieving for our losses and ultimately finding hope.”