In the Spotlight - (2012) - 18in x 24in - Mixed Media on Clayboard
Los Monitos Always Rush to be First in Line at the Carrousel - (2012) - 12in x 12in - Mixed Media on Canvas
Los Monitos No Paran Ante Nada - (2012) - 18in x 24in - Mixed Media on Canvas
The Crowdpleaser - (2012) - 72in x 48in - Mixed Media on Canvas

Elizabeth Saviano

Fascinated by the architecture of nature, the form and function of the body, the way light changes our perception of space and color, Saviano’s vision is to create phantasmagoric works using texture and illumination, incorporating organic and industrial forms to acknowledge their coexistence.  For this self-taught artist, creating is both a physical and emotional process informed by her everyday experiences.  Painting is a means to translate, with humor and musicality, those experiences into abstractions, an escape from concrete reality into deep fantasy. Working principally in acrylics and mixed media, Saviano, who was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1955, maintains a studio in Oakland, California and divides her time between Oakland, Nayarit, Mexico, and the central coast of Chile.