August Nude - 16x40 - Acrylic on Canvas
Hand - 36x48 - Acrylic on Canvas
Dancer - 36x36 - Acrylic on Canvas
Dancer 2 - 36x36 - Acrylic on Canvas
Red Shoe - 30x40 - Acrylic on Canvas
Scar - 24x30 - Acrylic on Canvas
Self Portrait Yesterday - 36x36 - Acrylic on Canvas

John H. Kirkpatrick Jr.

I have always been drawn to a strong use of color and texture. I love the story that a painting can tell by its feel, and its look. My hope is that my paintings send out a vibe or create emotion for each viewer. Each viewer then has their own personal response. I want the subjects in my paintings to connect with the person looking at the painting. My hope is that the viewer feels the subject's skin and feels that the subject has life!

My preferred medium is acrylic paint, which allows me to work fast and fearlessly. Acrylics allow me to create in the now and allows my creativity to be spontaneous.