Espresso 36x41 Acrylic
Old Lower East Side 36x36 Acrylic
Gritty City 48x48 Acrylic
Greens and Fairways 48x36 Acrylic
Fibinacchi Out of Sequence 36x48 Acrylic
Midnight Shooter 48x60 Acrylic
Springtime In NYC 48x36 Acrylic
Revolver 36 in total circumference (2 pieces) Acrylic
NY State of Mind 36x48 Acrylic
Candy Rhino (1) - Mixed Medium - 18" x 22" x 14"

M. Dreeland

Defined as a 21st century artist by the nature of his work, Mike Dreeland — also known as M.Dreeland — introduces a pop art style that mixes basic acrylics and techniques from the old masters with hi-tech tools of the present and future. Modern technology, with the use of graphic design programs, has allowed M.Dreeland to spotlight a unique step and repeat style by using multiple layers and common objects. His use of thick paint and bold colors characterizes M.Dreeland’s style. Despite a recognizable bold texture, abundant use of color and multiple layers of paint, what remains is a basic shape, a seemingly familiar object. Working to throw computer programs into the common paint/brush mix and adding in his artistic flair, M.Dreeland establishes a unique combination that adapts to a variety of media faster, quicker and tighter. Eager to share what he enjoys most about his work M.Dreeland has said, “Being precise and exactly up to the edge is not enjoyable — those little nicks, smudges, and blobs of paint over clean lines make this work limitless.”