The Door (Sold)
SOLD - In One Ear
SOLD - Guardians of Knowledge
UFO - New
Rings of Truth (Sold)
Solid State of Mind
From the Ashes
Saturn II

Mark Adams

Mark Adams while he is proficient in many mediums, his preferred medium is sculpting, specifically metalsmithing. Over time, Mark has acquired a
meta(L)physical approach to his work.  He is influenced by metaphysical artist Alex Grey, and the transhumanistic art movement.

Mark’s work explores the intersection of the conscious and unconscious realms. Mark is most comfortable taking a deep dive into the realm of the unknown. Common themes in his work include: man vs nature, man vs technology, evolution vs stagnation, and darkness vs light. In fact, Mark is known for bringing his pieces to life by incorporating lighting and other reflective features.  He brings great precision and attention to detail when it comes to deconstructing, and manipulating the raw materials of his pieces.

Mark is a resident artist, at Water Street Studios, in Batavia, IL. where he enjoys collaborating with other artists and art patrons to create custom pieces.