The Door with codex

Thomas Wilson

A practicing draftsmen, painter, and metalsmith for over 40 years, Thomas Wilson has been internationally recognized for his creations, that have won numerous awards and acclaim.

Wilson was on the team of artists that created the portico gates of the White House restoration in Washington D.C., the Gates of the Globe Theatre in London, and those of the Petit Palais in Paris.  After a visit to Dubai in 2007, he was inspired to create a work of greater magnitude to commemorate Dubai, the Jewel of the U.A.E.

Introducing a very special artwork commemorating the development of the cosmopolitan center of the entire gulf region.

The inspiration and creation of this work was made possible by Mrs. Fawzia Mubarak Abdul-Aziz Al-Hassawi of Sharjah.  She is the woman who introduced the artist to the history of that amazing city and allowed him to witness first hand, it’s people, neighborhoods, and vibrant life.  The door made by the great renaissance sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti for the baptistery in Florence Italy.  Forging, chasing and repousse are time honored techniques employed by European craftsmen for centuries and have been used with great care and attention to detail in the creation of this modern day masterpiece.

Each panel has been hammered out of copper plate and reassembled with care to illustrate a chronology of events through important architectural images.

The door chronicals the development of a city whose monumental and modern grandeur combine with tradition, and is now seen as one of the world’s great cities.