Agape - 16 X 20 - Oil on Stretched Canvas
Anubis - 12 X 16 - Oil on Stretched Canvas
Arrival - 12 X 16 - Oil on Stretched Canvas
Cinderella Man - 30 X 40 - Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dhabu - 16 X 20- - Oil on Canvas Panel
I Still Remain - 16 X 20 - Canvas Panel Board
Limerence - 16 X 20 - Oil on Stretched Canvas
Mind Fields - 30 X 40 - Oil On Stretched Canvas
Repine - 16 X 20 - Oil on Canvas Panel
Ruminate - 16 X 20 - Oil on Canvas Panel
The Rare One - 12 X 16 - Oil on Stretched Canvas
Through the Eyes of Vulnerability - 16 X 20 - Oil on Canvas Panel
Year of the Pharoah - 30 X 40 - Oil on Canvas

Victoria Allen

Victoria Allen is a multi media artist of animals specializing in oil paintings of the Equine form. Victoria has been drawing since she could hold a pencil at 3 years old and her primary inspiration being the beauty of the horse. She is a completely self taught artist and is an equestrian herself for over 20 years. Competing in the hunter jumper circuit across the country. Bringing home multi championships through her national riding career.

Behind every one of her paintings there is a story or passion she has experienced or something to be experienced in life. They are colorful and bold. She paints themes and titles to her paintings that she hopes everyone can connect with on a deep emotional level. Elements that are relatable to life and the world around us currently. Riding and owning horses have blossomed her creativity and continue to drive her forward. Her favorite part is capturing the different expressions in each animals face. She believes the eyes tell the story and holds the soul of the painting as a whole. She likes to think of each as it’s own are a conversation piece and the main center of attention being the expression. Passion, lessons, love, temptation, and sadness are just some of the themes you will experience viewing her oil paintings. Saddle up and come along for the ride...